The Doctor

Dr. Oubeid Allah Hlal is a cardiologist actually based in Paris. he studied in the best universities in both Morocco and France : he has an inter-university diploma in prevention, cardiac rehabilitation and therapeutic education from the University of Tours, an inter-university diploma in cardiac echography from the Faculty of Medicine of Bordeaux and a university diploma in multimodality cardiovascular imagery from the University of Paris Diderot.

As a scientist, Oubeid continues to conduct research in the benefit of laughter in establishing trust between the patient and their doctor and the patient’s adherence in the process of their healthcare.

In October 2016, he placed ninth in the class at the Residency examination, allowing him to choose his desired specialty.

In April 2017, he began his medical career as a resident doctor at the Ibn Sina Hospital and the Military Hospital in Rabat.

In November 2019, he left for France to complete a specialized training course at the Louis Pasteur Hospital in Perpignan, then at the CHU La Timone beside Professor Gilbert Habib. Currently he is continuing his training in tobaccoology and cardiac imagery in Paris. 

Dr. Oubeid’s primary goal is to provide excellent care to his patients, whom he puts at the center of the decision-making process.

In addition to his clinical work, Oubeid is always looking to spread positive information about health and wellness. He enjoys getting his messages across in exciting ways, whether it’s a radio interview, YouTube tutorial, written article, lecture or stand-up comedy show!

The Actor

Is there an affinity between comedy and medicine? Certainly, a notable number of comedians have worked in the medical field. Oubeid is one of them, having done several shows in the country, this one is no stranger to the stand-up field.
Oubeid is a stand-up comedian who has performed in front of audiences both in Morocco and abroad, the comedian is part of the duo “les inqualifiables” which is very successful worldwide. The latter is the result of a long friendship between Oubied and Amine Belghazi and a common desire to share a new style of humor: offbeat, unambiguous and accessible to all.
With his notable appearance at the last edition of Marrakech du Rire, Afrique du Rire, and Just for Laughs, and his brilliant work with Hassan El Fed as part of the national tour in 2016 “Hassan El Fed ou Rba3to”, Oubeid could easily be described as the ideal Moroccan humorist: affable, friendly and hilarious. His observational skills, humor and often unexpected wit have taken him to stages all over the country.

The Producer

As a producer at 1k Prod, Oubeid ensures that the company is a full-service event management company that provides peace of mind to its clients through comprehensive event production services, event marketing solutions and event management. Oubeid the Producer’s primary role is to help its clients manage everything from the big picture to the smallest details. To be your partner from the organization to the execution. With his flexibility, responsiveness, professionalism and honest communication, he excels at going the extra mile and doing his best for every client, every time.